How To Fix Pubg Lite Unavailable In Your Region?

PUBG Lite is the free version of the most famous game PUBG. the full form of this game is PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. This game has achieved a lot of 3 users in recent years. But this game asks for a lot of Ram and storage from an Android device. Many users do not have this much RAM or supported devices so they look for an alternative.

Pubg Lite is the best alternative for this game. it is a free version that asks for lesser storage and lesser Ram from the device. This has created a bigger fanbase for this game in India. Many users have opted for this as a choice to play rather than the actual game. It provides the best features it can and also so they are most similar to the actual game. Although it is a free game.

It also has its premium version if you purchase it. The premium version has better features. Because of this separation of premium and free versions many errors are faced by the users of the free version. When you are system’s timing differs or is incorrect then this error will be shown. Sometimes when the application crashes with the system date and time then it causes this error.

The only problem is that it may be e the application has some problem with your region or date and time in which you are using. The other reason can be your region doesn’t have access to Pubg Lite. Now let’s move on to how to fix this error manually.

Fix Pubg Lite unavailable in your region error

Here are all working methods that can fix Pubg Lite Unavailable In Your Region issue completely. Follow these steps very carefully and share your views in the comment box.

Method 1- VPN

  • Step 1- choose the best VPN you find and install it in your system.
  • Step 2- after the installation is done turn on your VPN.
  • Step 3- the VPN will connect your server to another country’s server.
  • Step 4- restart your Pubg lite and you will not see the error again.

Method 2- Location

  • Step 1- press the start button and select the settings button.
  • Step 2- now locate the privacy settings in the new window.
  • Step 3- look for the location setting on the left-hand side of the window.
  • Step 4- click on it and make sure that the PUBG Lite application has access to it.

Method 3- Date & Time

  • Step 1- again press the start button and select the settings option.
  • Step 2- look for the Time&Language label on the window and click on it.
  • Step 3- click on the date and time option on the right-hand side of the window.
  • Step 4- check if your timezone is correct.
  • Step 5- if your time zone is correct to make sure the toggle buttons placed below “set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically” are on.
  • Step 5- after that check your time and date are correct.
  • Step 6- after the settings restart your system and launch Pubg Lite.


What region is PUBG Lite available in?

Pubg Lite is available in 15 countries. Check the list here –

Why PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region?

There are 60 regions left where Pubg Lite is still unavailable. The above-mentioned countries have Pubg lite access and if you still get the error then make sure to check your date and region settings. Those regions which do not have the access to Pubg lite right now will soon have the axis. The developers have said that they are expanding the application over many regions and will soon reach the regions which do not have access. The users living in those regions can use a VPN Service to access the game.

Video guide How To Fix Pubg Lite Unavailable In Your Region?

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